This working group will consist of cell biologists, cardiologists and neurologists, involved in both preclinical and clinical stem cell trials. The major goal is to bring together experts within one field (cardiology or neurology) thus aiming to reduce the defragmentation of the research across Europe.

The overall aim of this WG in the field of Neurology is to create a network of clinical and pre-clinical centers in Europe to accelerate the development of stem cell trials for neurodegenerative diseases.

The main steps to achieve this will be:

  • Share experiences with the European centers able to develop GLP animal models on safety and efficacy (even in large animals) of different adult stem cells (MSCs, hematopoietic stem cells and neural stem cells), different routes of delivery, imaging modalities and new biomaterials for combined application with stem cells for neurodegenerative diseases. This approach will help achieve a standardization of transplant procedures
  • Identify the European clinical centers able to support GCP compliant trials and expert in clinical trials for neurodegenerative disease to share experience and compare protocols, benefits, obstacles and strategies to progress to a standardization of clinical protocols.
  • Submission of the multidisciplinary protocols to Horizon grants